Independent Wedding Venue Assessment

Independent Wedding Venue Assessment

Need help finding a suitable wedding venue on Koh Samui?

At last there’s a service to help make it easier.


Faraway Weddings aims to offer a unique indepent wedding venue assessment to make your venue selection much easier.

Over the last 10 years or so the wedding industry on Koh Samui has boomed and finding the right wedding venue is becoming harder than ever before because of the choices and the competition that’s out there.

Picking Koh Samui as the destination for your wedding is easy and we won’t be going in to all the reasons why Samui is such a popular and perfect wedding location. If you’re on this site then you’ve probably already discovered this.

Choosing a venue for your wedding however is a potential minefield. Do you want a resort where everyone can stay, or should you opt for a private villa venue? This is usually the biggest hurdle to get over. However, even if you’ve decided on the resort vs villa dilemma, how do you know which resorts or villas are the most suitable venue for your specific wedding circumstances?

The first thing you need to know is that the wedding industry on Koh Samui is now big business. Every resort and villa owner wants to have a piece of the action and all will be more than happy to accommodate you. But what you need to know is whether the facilities and staff are appropriate for you and your wedding party.

All venues have positive and negative factors to consider. It would be extremely rare to find a venue which can literally tick every box. It’s all about prioritising which venues tick the most boxes and which have the fewest negative issues to worry about.

Of course the best way to choose a venue is to come and physically see them for yourself. However, are you aware of what you should be looking for? What questions you should be asking? If you are and you can visit the island prior to your wedding then this is ideal. But be aware that if you see a venue on a nice sunny day it may wow you so much that you forget to consider the possibilities of bad weather solutions and suitable toilet facilities as just two often overlooked examples.

Who can you trust?

There’s a whole plethora of sources of information out there. You have the specific resort or villa websites, Trip Advisor and other online forums, your wedding planner, if you are employing someone not from the resort or villa, the resort and villa staff themselves, testimonials, Facebook and so on.

All of these offer the potential of finding the information you need and are excellent sources to research to narrow down your selections.

Unfortunately in today’s society it is relatively easy to sound credible and there are multiple incidences of people twisting information to suit their goals. Staff from wherever you are considering, along with the associated websites, are very unlikely to point out any possible pitfalls of using their venue for your wedding. It’s just not the way things are done. All websites naturally show the positives. This is not a deception, it is human nature and it is about business.

If you are hiring an independent wedding planner then, as they will have to carry out the wedding at that venue, there is more chance of them highlighting any potential problems because they will also be potential problems for them on the wedding day. But, even this may not be 100% independent. Consider the fact that you are torn between two possible resorts for your special day. What if one of the resorts offered a much larger commission to the planner for hosting the wedding at their property? Which one will your planner be most likely to recommend?

We’re not here to discredit other wedding planners or to highlight the negatives of wedding venues, whether they be resorts or private villas. That is not the purpose of this service. In fact it is the total opposite. Every property on Samui that hosts weddings can be perfect for the couple involved, but maybe not for others. For example; You have 20 guests and you find a stylish private villa on an exceptional beach with an idyllic backdrop and it fits perfectly within your budget limitations. The beach is ideal for a ceremony, there is a covered terrace area as a back up ceremony location in bad weather and the dining room is large enough for an indoor reception dinner if it rains. This villa meets all of your requirements and you will undoubtedly have an exceptional wedding experience.

The same may not be so if you have 50 guests, or disabled guests, or lots of children, or your parents are in their 80’s and can’t manage the steps down to the beach. Every wedding is different and that’s why a factual assessment of each venue, in relation to your personal and very specific circumstances is not just helpful but almost a requirement in itself.

Having said all of the above, can you trust us?

That’s a decision only you can answer. Please read the about us section to give you an idea of who we are and what experience we bring. The aim here is not for us to end up involved in your wedding planning. This may end up being the case but you as the client will be the only person responsible for where we go and for our payment for this service.

We will only give you the facts about the venues you are looking at, based on how they appear when we carry out your assessment. It will be up to you to use this information on each resort and to make your decision. We will not offer our personal opinions, unless they are specifically requested. You simply tell us the venues you are most interested in and we will assess them according to your wedding needs. Therefore we have nothing to gain from giving incorrect or false information.